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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, that's kpix 5 news. and now at 5:00, the hot weather has people escaped to the water, but there's a warning for some areas about the algae that could make you and your pets sick. thanks for joining us. >> toxic algae blooms prompted several warnings, and jackie ward is there now with a threat to people and pets. hey jackie. .. where l launching th >> reporter: yes, the last time inspectors came out to discovery bay they got the all clear here in the eastern part of the bay, but you can still see the algae here. the water is essentially clear at the discovery bay yacht club where lots of people are launching their boats and enjoying the hot weather where it's cool. part of reason the algae isn't to bad here is because it's
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closer to the fast-moving water, but that's not the case near newport drive. >> if you have good flows and your neighbors don't block off the flow it cleans the water and takes it out and around and keeps it moving. >> reporter: jacob has lived in discovery bay for 18 years, and where he's located the algae isn't bad, but it is annoying. >> it gets in places and it's not good the leave your boat in the water and suck it up, it's not good. >> reporter: the sludge-like blue-green muck can be more than bothersome. the california department of public health says you risk getting a rash if you touch it in your eye or on your skin, and if you swallow it people or animals can get seriously ill or die. two dogs last month that had contact with the water died.
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i've been speaking to our meteorologist roberta gonzales all day, and she says she wouldn't be vised that if after -- surprised that if after this weekend of intense heat that more areas become no swimming zones. the heat could lead to more algae. not a good situation. in discovery bay, jackie ward. >> the heat has returned, and here's a live look at the south bay. temperatures in the 90s, it's even warmer in the east bay right now. the result? no surprise, red flag warnings and heat advisories posted through tomorrow night. it's not just warm, but it's dry, and winds up to 23 miles per hour. not a great combination. the hurricane keeps us -- high pressure keeps us hot all weekend, above 100 degrees again tomorrow. the beach just in the 60s. a complete forecast in a few minutes. president trump waved to fans this afternoon at the u.s.
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womans open golf course. it's played this year at president trump's own private golf club in new jersey. he's the third sitting president to attend the competition. demonstrators knew he'd be there, and gathered near the golf club. the crowds stayed peaceful. and more details coming out about eight meeting that -- about a meeting that included the president's oldest son and a russian lawyer. we now know another russian was also at the meeting last year. cbs says all this is causing a political headache for the white house. >> reporter: can after turning from paris friday, president trump waved to lpga guests at his golf course in new jersey, but as he spends another weekend away from washington, his administration is reeling from continuing revelations as it relates to the russia investigations. reportedly yet another russian attended the now infamous get together at trump tower with donald trump jr. and senior campaign staff last year.
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the associated press says a russian-american with suspected links to russian intelligence also attended the meeting with the russian lawyer. >> as far as this incident is concerned this is all of it. this is everything. >> reporter: his presence contradicts statements from the president's son earlier this week that there were no additional attendees or topics discussed other than adoption and potential dirt on hillary clinton. it also raises questions about how much then candidate trump knew. while visiting the french president in paris this week, president trump defended the meeting. >> nothing happened from the meeting. zero happened. i think the press made a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do. >> reporter: cbs news has also learned that senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushner revised his clearance paperwork twice, most recently to reflect
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the trump tower meeting. he said he was not introduced to others while there, and said the disclosure is not legally required. russian specialist says this. >> being reached out to by representatives of the russian government or intelligence services should certainly spark red flags and prompt a call to the fbi. >> reporter: cbs news, the white house. developing story now. three people covering after an -- recovering after an overnight shooting near uc berkeley near durant, just a block from campus. police say two groups got into a fight, shots were fired. three people were hit and taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. two people were arrested, and five others fled the scene. the possible presence of explosives prompted an evacuation at sunnyvale's department of public safety. around 11:30 someone came to the headquarters with ammunition and three rocket propelled grenades in order to dispose of them. well, police cleared out the
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building and told everyone to avoid the area. patrol cars blocked entrances the make sure no one got too close. while a county bomb squad disassembled the weapons. they turned out to have no exclusive material inside, and the evacuation ended just before 3:00 p.m. developing story out of hawaii, massive fire in an apartment building. three people were killed and dozens injured. here's the latest. >> reporter: residents were allowed to return to the marco polo apartment building in honolulu, hawaii saturday. late friday a massive fire tore through the building starting on the 26th floor sending huge flames and thick black smoke shooting into the sky. >> i looked and could see the billowing smoke coming up, and this is really sad. i heard three womens' voices seeming, pleading -- screaming,
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pleading, moaning, please help me, please. continuous screaming. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze as it damaged apartments on two higher floors. broken glass and debris rained down toward the ground. the 36-story building didn't have fire sprinklers. >> without a doubt, if there were sprinklers in this apartment, the fire would be contained to the unit of origin. >> reporter: residents say elderly people and children lived here, making evacuations very difficult for emergency crews. >> i saw a couple of older people come out of the building and their faces were blackened. >> reporter: the cause of the deadly fire remains a mystery. right now firefighters are battling an explosive wildfire in santa barbara fire. it grew more than 4,000 acres overnight, now at 17,000 acres
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6789 containment -- acres. containment has dropped. the blaze as destroyed 8 homes and 12 outbuildings, and also forced 2600 people out of their homes. hampering firefighting >> i feel really sad to watch this fire burning. >> this is scary, you know, and it doesn't feel good. >> high winds and steep terrain are hampering the fire fighting efforts. people are back enjoying the water in santa cruz today after a great white shark attacked a kayaker off the coast earlier this week. the city shut down the shoreline for a few days as a precaution. >> what's different this time is that it was an actual predatory style attack. not just a sighting or swimming by and bumping someone, but actually appears with intent to eat. >> the kayaker who was attacked wasn't hurt.
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a popular south bay deli is closing its doors this afternoon after 67 years in business. dave fehely spoke to customers who say they're disappointed. >> reporter: time today simply ran out for the land mark time deli. >> this is the last time i've been open, and it's very sad. >> reporter: after 67 years in business under the current ownership it closed its doors this afternoon. much to the disappointment of loyal long time customers. >> i don't understand, it's hard for us. we really hold them in our hearts. >> reporter: why the deli is closing left a bitter taste in many customers' mouths. the owner was recently slapped with a lawsuit over their handicap access. >> they've lost a lot of good business here in san jose because of it. >> reporter: the lawsuit was
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filed by an attorney named scott johnson, a continue essential advocate for the disabled who's filed similar lawsuits across the area. customers were saddened by the news. >> the food and the people. >> reporter: and that had been the successful recipe for this deli for decades. >> when it's closed i'll be really, really sad. and coming up, paving the way for more housing in the bay area. how one lawmaker wants to cut the red tape and get more projects off the ground. and bay area canines in need of bullet proof vests. the effort to get them the same protection as their human counterparts.
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crunch... sharing their ideas in
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oakland today. but kpix fiv ... they are also new at 5:00, people hoping to make a dent in the housing crunch sharing their ideas to oakland today, but kpix's da lin shows us they're also running into protests. >> reporter: you've heard of nimby, not in my backyard, now a new movement is catching on. yes in my backyard. they're holding a three-day conference this weekend in oakland to talk about how to build more housing. >> years and decades of building. >> reporter: the keynote speaker was the state senator scott weiner. he talked about the need to elect pro-development candidates to cities and fast track housing projects by removing certain zoning restrictions. >> ing with pro-housing -- being pro-housing is progressive. >> reporter: the attendees were mostly activists and young people. a small group of activists
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protested outside saying the yimbys are selling out. >> stop selling out! >> reporter: the chanting and banging outside made it hard to hear the forum inside. >> i don't think we're sell outs. i quit my tech job to do this full time. a left a six figure salary to do this. >> reporter: they believe more apartments will lead to lower rents and less homelessness. protesters don't buy that theory. and the disagreement is heating up in oakland. four construction fires in the last year, most of them set intentionally. some worry the motive is opposition to development. >> if someone is building these buildings down as a protest against development, that would be tragic, and it's terribly counterproductive. >> reporter: in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. in san francisco, the windows are boarded up at the
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gucci store in union scare after an over-- square after an overnight smash and grab. they drove into the store then got out and grabbed expensive merchandise and took off. the store was open today as the crews cleaned up the mess. new video this afternoon of a rescue in placer county. crews hoisted this injured rock climber to safety after he fell more than 20 feet thursday near tahoe city. the victim suffered serious injuries to his lower bodyd was transported to the hospital. well, it's a push to protect canines in concord today and throughout the bay area. the public helping them get bullet proof vests. it's all part of a fundraiser by the group cover your canine, raising money for their vests and emergency kits to help dogs who accidentally sniff deadly opioids. a 3rd grader raised over a thousand dollars for this cause.
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>> they help us, and we should help them. there's a saying if you don't stand behind them stand in front of them. >> the fund fundraiser continues tomorrow at participating pet food express stores, so get your pet washed and the proceeds will be donated to the fundraiser. i've got a big dog and a puppy, and you've got a dog, so we have to head on down there. >> you could single handedly fund raise for them. [ laughter ] >> i think so. >> we have mostly clear skies with a few high clouds courtesy of high pressure. the numbers rights now, almost 100 at concord, even after 5:00 in the afternoon. even warmer tomorrow. oakland 79, livermore 97, and in san francisco 73 degrees. red flag warningsand heat advisories. twin postings in respect to the hot weather around until 9:00
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tomorrow night effecting all bay area hills above 1,000 feet, and reflects the fact that there's elevated fire danger during the hot spell. hot all weekend. tomorrow a little warmer as that high pressure moves into southern california. andenon the western side of the high a few high clouds floating in and an echo or two being picked up on the radar. futurecast showing some high clouds tonight, especially in the extreme south bay, and a thunder bumper or two down south wouldn't be a surprise, but as the day goes on on sunday it looks severely clear. not a whist were of the low clouds in -- wisp of low clouds in sight. near 90 inland most of the week, but that's better than 100 degrees plus which is what we'll have tomorrow. in the central valley 108. northern end of the sacramento valley at redding. in lake tahoe partly cloudy skies and 86.
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overnight lows tonight in the 60s. sun up just after 6:00 a.m., and temperatures tomorrow above average in san francisco. 9 degrees above average. but look at concord, 103 tomorrow. san jose 95, and oakland at 82. in the south bay the numbers in the low 90s to the mid-90s. 102 at morgan hole. tomorrow the warmest day of the week. 103 at livermore, north bay plenty warm except at the sunshine, the numbers very smile. 70s, and oakland tomorrow 83. and 100 in santa rosa. ukia low 100s tomorrow. extended forecast, one more hot one and then cooling things down to the 90-degree range
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inland, closer to seasonal, and around the bay in the low 70s. temperatures along the coast will be mighty cool. that's weather. a lot happening in sports, and andrea is in today. >> yes, baumgartener is back for the, and venus williams looking to make history at wimbledon while her appoint tries to -- opponent tries to become the only woman to beat both serena and venus.
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final at 37 years old. but she would have to get past a rising star in women' venus williams was trying to make history trying to become the oldest woman to win wimbledon, but she would have to get past a rising star. venus vasing megarusa in the final at the all england club. megarusa who lost two years ago to venus' sister wins. championship point for her leading 5-0 in the second set.
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she challenges that williams' shot was long and wins the challenge, and she wins her first wimbledon title and her second career grand slam. and baumgartener was advantage kate -- was activated his today. his first start since injuring his shoulder in a dirt bike accident. president trump watching the lgpa at his course in new jersey. choi finished the day 2 under 70. and here's a bird to take the outright lead by chan. she has a one shot lead over choi and yang. >. and tony romo may be
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retired, but he's still playing. charles barkley gets lucky when had his ball hit -- when his ball hits a tree and rolls onto the green. he's still last though. and curry shot a 1 over 73 tied for 13th. former a's pitcher leads going into tomorrow's final round. two weeks ago paul george was traded from indiana to oklahoma city to team up with russell westbrook, but this week he was asked about a proposed trade that would have sent him to the warriors. >> reporter: indiana offered you to golden stated for clay thompson, golden state sano. were you aware that the conversation happened? >> yeah, i was aware of it. i would have looked forward to it, of just being in a good situation and a chance to compete for a championship. no, it didn't happen, but it's still fun to team up with a
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special talent and have a chance to compete against that team. >> well, in this push button world, technology is reinventing itself everywhere, including america's past time. here's the story. >> reporter: behind at&t park sits the giants television production truck, and in front is parked a much smaller one, owned by bay area-based intel. they hope that baseball in a headset is the way of the future. >> when you're watching a television broadcast you're taking in what someone else is feeding you, and what we're doing is more interactive. >> reporter: major league baseball will offer one game a week for the rest of the season in virtual reality. you need a cell phone, the mask, and their app. it's a 360-degree experience that's impossible to replicate on a tv screen. earlier this month at&t park was set up in five camera pods
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and 12 lens in each pod. shotsare sent back to the truck and processed with a statistic overlay plus announcer track. you choose what you want to see and where you want to see it. >> just like the broadcasts, we've seen them go from black and white to color, to slow motion tootling cameras above -- flying cameras above player's heads. >> fans can personalize which camera angle, where in the stadium they want to view. >> looks like they're just prepping the field. >> reporter: resolution in the headset is limited. you can't currently zoom in, and let's face it, you can't smell the food either. >> that's the only thing. we can't sell you a beer yet at home or do the garlic fries yet. >> reporter: baseball has been around since the civil war. it's steeped in tradition, and the reaction in the giants clubhouse to virtual reality is a virtual mixed bag.
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>> virtual reality, so not regular reality. >> reporter: we think we know your spots. >> you can take a flying kite with it or flying kick, whatever you want. see you later. >> he's always honest. we'll tell you how he feels about it. it's being though. >> thank you, we'll be right back.
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news updates are always on cbs-sf dot com. that's it for us at 5:00. thanks for watching, we'll be back mother at 6:00. >> -- we'll be back at 6:00. >> cbs evening news is up next.
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we'll see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: a e in paradise. flames engulf the upper floors of a high rise in honolulu. the apartment building did not have sprinklers. also tonight, too hot to fly. a new report says clatge is making the air worse for travelers. an suv wedged under a train with terrified passengers trapped inside. suddenly the train starts sliding them away. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. and venus williams falls short in an emotional finale after wimbledon. >> i want to thank my team who has been here for me day in and day out and my family as well. i love you guys. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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